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What is a Telecoil?

A telecoil or induction loop is considered an “Assistive Listening Device” (or ALD) and works by transmitting an audio signal directly into hearing aids via a magnetic field. The system consists of a microphone in the public venue, church banks or post...

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Audiologist Consultation

Taking the first step to visiting a hearing aid audiologist can be a daunting task for many. As it may be your first time stepping foot inside their Hearing practice, naturally, you will be concerned about what will happen, what questions you need to ask, if...

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How Age Affects Hearing Loss

Will my hearing loss get worse? Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent conditions which affects 1 in 6 Irish adults. Increased volume on the TV and radio are some of the more obvious signs of hearing loss. These can range from often asking others to repeat...

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What is Swimmers Ear (Exostosis)?

The medical term for swimmers ear is exostosis. Symptoms include a decrease in hearing sensitivity and in many cases, more frequent ear infections. Early symptoms of Swimmers ear include water getting trapped in the ear canal after swimming. This results in debris...

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