Will my hearing loss get worse?

Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent conditions which affects 1 in 6 Irish adults. Increased volume on the TV and radio are some of the more obvious signs of hearing loss. These can range from often asking others to repeat themselves, struggling with background noise, or having difficulty in social settings. For others, the hidden signs are feeling stressed or tired when watching a movie. Irritable when listening for extended periods and no longer wanting to socialise. Whilst, these can appear obvious to the onlooker, they can often go noticed by the hard-of-hearing person. If you suspect a loved one is struggling with their hearing then broach the subject in a sensitive manner.


What causes hearing loss in older adults?

Age-related hearing loss or presbyacusis is typically sensorineural and permanent hearing loss. The cochlea (organ of hearing) is filled with tiny hair cells. When these hair cells become damaged they are unable to transmit sound effectively. This is what is known as SNHL hearing loss. This damage is due to the aging process or can be a result of exposure to excessive noise. Presbycusis is not preventable, it will happen to us all, but a healthy lifestyle can reduce its effects. On the other hand, NIHL is 100% preventable by wearing adequate hearing protection . Effectively, once the cochlea is damaged it is a permanent loss. Therefore, assistive listening devices, such as hearing aids, are the only treatment options available.

Is hearing loss certain?

Although it appears inevitable, growing older may not necessarily mean you will have hearing loss. The main contributing factors are genetics and environmental factors such as noise pollution or exposure to certain medications e.g. cisplatin. When looking for the answer to the age-old question, “Will my hearing get worse?” it is important to take into consideration the familial history and environmental factors across a lifetime. If you would like to discuss any of your concerns then call us on 091 567888 or contact us via our online form with any concerns you have for you or your loved ones. To learn more about the range of hearing aid options available click https://galwayhearingcare.ie/hearing-aids/